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All of our pieces are available in any size or style for any project. We know how important it is to be flexible and fluid when it comes to the specific needs of your home. Knowing that each piece has been specifically made for your space brings a great feeling of security and satisfaction.

Newport Beach Case Study
The Right Mix

Building: New Home
Site: Newport Beach, CA
Project: Countertops throughout home and outdoor cassita
Other areas designed: Fireplace Hearth, Trough Sink
Color Palette: Natural Grey, Blue (custom), Taupe (custom)
Client: Family of 4

This Newport Beach home ad a Spanish-Mediterranean feel and the client was looking to create a clean aesthetic with custom concrete countertops throughout the home and the family's cassita.

Hart Concrete Design partnered with the designers working on the project to build a personalized plan for the home. With any project, we want to insure the exact colors and finishes. We provided samples to the home owners and designers for feedback on what they had in mind for the project.

We created a bar top, bathroom countertops and countertops in the laundry room, creating a very clean, finished look. The family was also interested in creating the same aesthetic for their outside area. We created a bbq top and trough sink which is used for entertaining. We also created custom countertops throughout, a fireplace hearth, and a large concrete countertop for the bar area in this family's cassita. These countertops were no small feat, measuring 13ft. in length. At Hart Concrete Design, we work to the client's needs and specifications.